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Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island Educator


Since 2024


Diploma Early Childhood Education and Care


Early childhood education is a place for children to play, learning through their own interests, developing a positive attitude towards learning, and developing new skills.  Learning through play allows children to make sense of the world around them, using and developing their imagination and creativity to problem solve and develop new skills.


We believe implementing a program that promotes nature play is important for children to develop connections with themselves, peers and their environment.  Nature play provides immense benefits to children’s growth, development, learning, communication and overall wellbeing, not just for the children but their parents and educators relationships alike.  Moreover, it allows children to connect with Mother Earth, learn about the cultures of our First Nations people and the ways of knowing.  Children learn respect and appreciation for culture and country.


We believe that social learning theory supports a play-based theory of learning, as children learn and develop from each other, educators, families and more knowledgeable others.  Theorists which support social learning include Bandura, Rogoff and Vygotsky.  The sociocultural view of learning has taught us that children develop understanding and skills in social contexts, learning through observing and imitating adults.  Social learning theory explores the concept that children are social beings, learning from the environment they are surrounded by.




Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island Educator


Since 2023


Advanced Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies)


I believe that young children thrive in an environment where they have a feeling of belonging, are respected and can be free to choose and engage in activities that interests them.

Children are our future and need to be gently guided in a way to improve their social capacity and emotional and ecological intelligence.

As Educator I facilitate the day’s learning for the individual child as well the group to support social interactions that are nurturing and enriching.

I honour families, celebrate their cultures, their languages and life styles and their unique bond with their children and consider this aspect in my planning of the program.

Young Children learn through active play by exploring and discovering natural and man-made world. Giving children unhurried time to repeat tasks and get into the creative zone that gives them confidence in their own abilities. There are no naughty children, they are only learning to do the right thing.

I believe in democracy and we decide together what activities we engage in and where to adventure to. Children are active members with rights and responsibilities to create their day together, learn to resolve their conflicts with fairness and respect for each other and their environment.

Creating time for stories, imagination, literature the expressive arts, science and wonderment is a priority at Amigos for children’s enjoyment, fun now and evolution into the future.

Providing support and encouragement so children can engage in risky and messy play to grow with confidence and excitement.