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Innisfail Educator


'Tropic Kids Early Learning'


Since 2021


Certificate 111 in Education Support


Innisfail Educator


Since 2021


Diploma of Child Care and Education


I love life and I enjoy life! I strongly believe in the Right to Life. Every human being has the right to exist, the right to live with dignity, morality and to live life with pride. Each individual is unique, worthy of respect and deserves the best of what life has to offer.


As a mother, I believe that I am truly responsible for the well being of my children. It is my obligation to set a good example when teaching them the good things and to encourage them to do better if not the best in every endeavour they set out to do in life. It is my duty to teach them moral values and be able to raise them to become healthy, well adjusted members of society. I believe that children’s emotional and mental stability lies on good parenting, good behaviour and love instilled in them from a very young age.


As an educator, it is my role to provide learning experiences that will promote children’s healthy development – intellectually/mentally, socially, emotionally and physically, recognising that children’s learning is an individual process; that each child learns at his/her own pace and time. I will endeavour to provide the best possible learning experiences and opportunities for the children to explore and enjoy in a safe and healthy environment. I will ensure to observe and maintain aims, philosophy and values of my scheme and fellow educators to further create a secure and pleasant atmosphere for every child in my care.


Innisfail Educator


Since 2022


Certificate 111 Early Childhood Education and Care