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Bowen Educator


Since 2022


Studying Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Education and Care


Here at Miss Jamii’s family day care, my goal is to create a family like space, to ensure everyone feels safe, welcomed, and loved.

Being a mum of three has taught me that all children, even when being bought up the same way, will develop differently. I believe all children should be given the choice and opportunities to choose what activities they would like to try. They will learn better if they feel safe, encouraged, and supported, and are more likely to try again until the task is mastered.

I believe children learn through hands on play and should be able to express themselves through food, music, art, upcycling, building fine motor skills, gardening and much more. All these activities can be accomplished either individually, or as a group. Thus, building relationships, social skills, and confidence.

I pride myself in good, consistent, open communication, and as your child’s educator, will encourage you to suggest activities and express your expectations to ensure your child feels welcome and at home with us.

Amy C

Wongaling Beach Educator


Since 2022

Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Education and Care


I feel that each individual child is an individual and as an educator I will value and develop each child's strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning. I strongly feel that children learn through play. I aim to provide opportunities for little people to explore, create, discover and imagine.


Ingham Beach Educator


Since 2023


Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Education and Care


At Colourful Beginnings Family Day Care, I aim to provide children and their families with a homely atmosphere and environment that is warm, welcoming , respectful & enjoyable. I recognise the importance of family partnerships and believe all contributions are valuable in order to develop and improve my childcare service.

 I believe early childhood is most importantly a time for play, having fun, discovering, experimenting and using the imagination. I strongly believe that the best way to achieve this is through playbased learning, which will enable the children to develop a sense of belonging, being & becoming through relationships and social interaction with other children & people.

Last but not least, I believe every child is unique, special and has the capacity to succeed in anything they put their mind to.