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Information For Families

Bowen/Collinsville Family Day Care offers families the unique opportunity to engage your child in an early childhood education and care program, in a small group within a home based setting. Children are nurtured and cared for in the homes of approved family day care educators who are resourced, supported and monitored by a local and central coordination unit.

Children in family day care participate in a play based program that enables children to learn as they discover, create, improvise, expand thinking and enhance their desire to know and learn.


Educator's value and build onto children's strengths and knowledge, encouraging child's continued motivation and engagement in learning. In the natural learning environment of the home, children in family day care learn through play and exploration. The environment focuses on the connection to the natural world and the interconnection between people, places, animals and the community. Homes are places to explore, interact, discuss, express, involve, relax, connect, engage and be safe.

The service respects the key role of parents and works within a collaborative partnership model that helps children to thrive. Parents are able to choose the type of care best suited to their children's needs and their family situation, with a choice of educators and environments, and the flexibility of times of care and location. Bowen/Collinsville Family Day Care is an affordable child care option where care is only charged by your "booked hours of care". Fees are set by individual educators, depending on the services they provide. The Australian Government's Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available for families.


Why Choose Family Day Care

'Family day care is a professional and regulated home-based child care service offering care for children from birth to 12 years and beyond. Highly trained educators utilise their understanding of children's strengths, skills and knowledge and an important basis for program decision making. The consistency of having one educator enables strong relationships to develop which is so important for early learning and social development.


Application Process

Parents make initial enquiry to the Bowen/Collinsville Family Day Care office and complete an ‘Application for Child Care’ form with a coordinator. At this time children will be placed on the waiting list (unless there are vacancies available at this time). The coordinator considers the needs of the family in line with current educator vacancies. When a suitable educator is found, parents are contacted and asked to meet with potential educators prior to completing the enrolment process.


Parents are asked to provide Customer Reference Numbers (CRN's) for the parent claiming CCS and for each child that will be in care. At all times the information they contain will be treated as confidential by the scheme and educators.


Deciding on when, who and how to place a child into child care is often one of the hardest decisions a family makes. There are many considerations ranging from quality of care, activities provided, food, excursions and of course cost. If after reading through the information provided, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the coordination unit where coordinators will be only too happy to answer all of your questions.