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Bowen Educator


Since 2022


Assoc. Diploma Social Science (Childcare), Diploma Child Care Studies


I believe that the first five years of a child's life are the most important in laying the foundation for that child's life, future and success in adult years.

I will provide a warm, safe, caring and stimulating environment that meets the developmental needs of each child.

I will seek to know each child, based on observation and interaction and provide experiences that match each child's interests and development.

I will treat every child equally allowing each the right to be an individual. I will promote care and respect for others, accepting and appreciating other cultures.

I believe that it is important to develop a strong sense of trust, self-esteem and self respect. I will give each child the opportunity and guidance to develop self-discipline and confidence to make choices, take responsibility and achieve independence.

I believe that play provides the most important learning experiences for young children. I will give every opportunity possible for the children in my care to experience, discover, solve problems and learn about themselves and the world that they live in through play.

I wish to provide support and encouragement to parents in meeting their child's needs and understanding their development. By working together, the child is given the love, care and understanding which is needs in these important years.


Bowen Educator


Since 2022


Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care


I believe the first few years of a child's life are the most important and children need to feel valued and respected.


I will create a inclusive, nurturing learning environment suitable and catered to each individual child's needs and development.


I believe play-based learning is important to children's development.


I believe families play an important role in providing valuable information and feedback to help improve the program to suit their child's needs and development.


In my daily program and activities, I will focus on children's interest and expand on their ideas and areas of interest.


I will offer children a variety of learning experiences and provide a safe and fun environment.


Moranbah Educator


Since 2023


Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


'Empowered Early Learning'


I am an advocate for play based and inquiry-based learning. The environment is the third teacher and nature play is vital for children’s learning and development. The environment is tailored to individual learning whether that be through visuals, sign language, physical and cognitive experiences.


I pride myself on open communication with families and strong, open, respectful relationships with children. Every child is valued for who they are. Inclusion is important to me and ensuring that every child and family has an equal opportunity to start their learning journey is paramount. I respond to each child’s developmental abilities, interests and goals and tailor my program to support the needs of individual children.


I guide children’s behaviour through modelling and communicating with children. I believe behaviour is a form of communication; analysing what is happening in that moment, gathering background information, and learning how the child responds in different situations guides the approach and response to children’s behaviour.


Open ended experiences and provocations spark curiosity and inquiry. These experiences and environments set a welcoming environment that invite children to explore, discover and wonder. I plan based on children’s current interests, skills and goals. I strive to keep learning and discovery alive through children’s curiosity and natural wonders, questions and discussions. I allow spaces and opportunities for children to make their own decisions and create their own play experiences, I allow those spontaneous experiences to guide the next program. Children’s agency and independence is supported through providing challenges and recognizing children as capable and confident learners.


I am inspired by the work of Kelly Goodsir. I use her framework and approach towards children’s learning and documentation. I regularly attend her professional development sessions and use her questions, blogs and sessions to critically reflect on my own approach. I also use the feedback from families, children and stakeholders to critically reflect and work towards continuous improvement.