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Alligator Creek Educator


Alligator Creek FDC


Since 2021 (15 years in FDC)


Diploma Children's Services


At Alligator Creek Family Day Care, we believe Partnerships with Children and Families, is important in promoting the growth and development within our home to enrich the children’s lives.

We believe that Families are children’s first and most influential Educators in their lives. It is vital and important that communication lines are open and honest at every step of the way, this way, children have the best learning outcome to enhance their learning potential and development.

We believe in intentional teaching and spontaneous experiences along with hands on learning about sustainability in a warm and nurturing home environment.

Children can work at their own pace to reach their physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential.

We provide flexible play base curriculum that provides different learning styles and also supporting individual and cultural diversity.

Happy are our children who learn through play!


Nome Educator


Billabong Kids FDC


Since 2021 (21+ years in FDC)


Cert 111 in Children's Services


As an early childhood educator of young children I strive to create a warm loving environment in my home, that children feel safe and sure in.

I believe children learn more when they are socially and emotional happy and comfortable in their environment. I make every effort to involve all children in the normal day to day activities so they feel as if this is their second home.

As a family day care Educator I offer the one to one interaction, which children thrive on, as well as group activities. Children learn through experiences.

When programming for the children I take into consideration all developmental age groups as well as

individual children’s backgrounds and interests, which allows each child to develop at their own pace.

I pride myself in providing opportunities for the children within my environment to learn through discovery,

creativity and imagination, offering a wide variety educational of fun activities for the children.

I hope this gives you an insight to the quality childcare I can offer your child.