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Ayr Educator 


Since 2016


Certificate 111 Children's Services


Children are the future, so I believe that it is my responsibility not only as an educator, but also as a human being, to be a positive role model and have a positive impact on children?s lives. I aim to achieve this by providing the children that come to our home with a safe, fun, loving, predictable, equal and attentive environment where they feel secure and that they belong. This environment will nurture each child?s development of both a strong sense of identity and wellbeing. By enabling children opportunities through both planned and spontaneous activities they will be continually building on their knowledge and skills thus becoming confident and involved learners. Children learn the values and morals from those around them which is why I aim to consistently role model respect, compassion and empathy. I feel that it is extremely important that empathy and respect are role modelled to children and that the ?feeling of empathy and compassion? towards others be a feeling nurtured right through a child?s life. Children have a basic understanding of this as they are able to read body language from a very young age. It is up to us as adults to build on that understanding and feeling of empathy and compassion for others just like we build the understanding of respect for others. By allowing children to be children and engage in the many natural learning opportunities that arise spontaneously throughout their daily routine during inside and outside play they are also skill building. Engaging children in nature and the outdoors is very important not only for their mental development, but also for their physical development. Therefore, by providing an environment where children feel they belong and are able to relax and be children, I feel I can positively contribute and help guide them in their journey in becoming happy, kind, eager and confident little learners!