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Bowen Educator


B & B Crew


Since 2021


Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care


Hello Ello! My name is Ziah and welcome to the B&B Crew! Here, we are Blessed and Beyond! 


I have been a coordinator with Bowen/Collinsville Family Day Care since 2014.  As a Coordinator, I’ve always enjoyed visiting the educators and meeting the children in care. I enjoyed interacting, supporting and building positive relationships with the children and making little friends with all of them, and not just in Bowen, but the Burdekin and the Whitsunday areas as well. I am now ready to add to my role as a Coordinator and also become an Educator.


I can’t wait to meet my new crew of children and provide a range of different activities that are fun and educational. I believe the best way to get children involved and engaged with their own learning is to allow them to lead it. By listening and communicating with them, I will get to know each of them as individuals and develop a program based off their interests and ideas. I aim to provide a safe and secure environment where children are confident to share their ideas and to support and welcome them to be who they are.


Growing up with such a big and wonderful family, I want to share that with the children and treat them like part of my family. We will learn, play, achieve and most importantly…. Have heaps of fun along the way, as one big FAMILY.


I look forward to the journey!




Bowen Educator


Mt Nutt Early Learning


Since 2021


Hi, my name is Toni Mocilac, I have a passion for early childhood education and the arts.
I have worked across many sectors of education including early childhood, state and independent primary and high schools. I hold a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) and a Bachelor of Professional Development (Early Childhood).


My fundamental belief is that quality education in the early years makes an invaluable contribution to children’s wellbeing, development and future learning.


Each child is capable and has tremendous potential. It is a privilege to discover, support and grow their talents. My role is to support children to flourish through the creation of individualized learning environments, quality resources and a repertoire of flexible teaching strategies. I draw from many educational perspectives, including Maria Montessori, Reggio Emelia, Rudolf Steiner, and Lev Vygotsky.


You will see your child using quality learning materials, using their imagination and problem-solving skills, learning collaboratively, and connecting with nature as a constant source of inspiration. Your child is an active partner whose interests, and perspectives will drive the learning experiences. They will set goals for themselves and will be supported to achieve them. I encourage children to develop agency and decision making. They are respectful towards others and themselves and contribute towards creating a safe environment where they are accepted and supported. Strong nurturing relationships give children a sense of wellbeing, connection, optimism, and engagement.


I look forward to working with families to give children a confident start in life.


Toni Mocilac BEd, BEdProfDev