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Ayr Educator


 Since 2010


Certificate 111 Children's Services


I have been an Educator since 1996. I have a husband, 3 children of my own, (twin girls and a son) who are all married with 7 children between them.

I have quite a few children in my care and life here is very busy. I run my daycare business from a new extension that we added to the main house in 2011. After so many years in daycare I have quite an ex-tensive range of age appropriate toys and a welcoming rumpus room.

Two large double door open into the pagola area and car port where quite of variety of ride on equipment is available. Swings and sandpit and some climbing equipment are located at the back of the yard.

Life here is quite non-routinal. Children eat when they want to as lunch boxes are always in the fridge for them to get, but most times when one eats they all do.

We don’t attend playgroups or do school runs so the children aren’t ever transported in my vehicle.

Since my grandchildren came along I am “grandma” to all my daycare children. It saves confusion and all are happy to come to Grandma Theresa’s.

Sleeps are had in the lounge room down stairs but cots are upstairs. Our main house isn’t very large so children can easily be heard when they are awake.

Spare sets of clothes are a necessity as we have a lot of wet and messy play.

I supply an extensive range of craft activities. All art works are glued into a scrap book along with a multitude of photos (I do have a little bit of a photo fetish). This is available to you at all times so that you can see what your child has been up to for the day.

I strive to make each day a happy learning experience for your child, in a caring environment that is consistent with your child’s home so that they feel safe, secure and supported.  


Chris A

Ayr Educator


Since 2013


Diploma Children's Services


When you see a smiling face

Their happiness all over the place

Singing, laughing, cries of glee

Come they say, play with me

The slide, the swing, the monkey bars.

Look at them close to see who they are.

Lots of races, Ready, Set, Go.

This is how the children grow.


If you watch them every day

You’ll see they learn as they play

They’ll do what they see, and say what they hear

You’re their teacher throughout the years

Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine

Imagination is a glimpse of their mind

When you’re not looking, don’t you know

This is when the children grow


Watch them as they learn to walk

Listen to them when they talk

Keep them safe, away from harm

Wrap them gently within your arms

Teach them to share and how to take turns

Set good examples from which they will learn

At home, at school, wherever they go

This is where the children grow.