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Ayr Educator


Since 2010 (with B/C FDC)


Certificate 111 Children's Services




I have been running my daycare business for 25 years and am a grandmother to 7 children.

In that time have seen so many changes. The one thing that has never changed is my own attitude as to how I structure the lives of the countless little personalities that have passed through my doors.

I am a grandmother to 7 beautiful children and each child that is enrolled becomes one of the family.

I tell my parents when they come for an interview that we put the family back into family daycare.

My home offers love, security, a wide variety of age appropriate resources that cater to the needs of all children.

Photographs and stories and observations are recorded daily and are made available to the parents .

I believe that each child is an individual and I cater to each and every one of their needs.

Most children who come into care leave between the ages of 3 and 4 to commence kindy. In that time we learn to be nice to our friends, our manners, practice our counting and colours and most importantly just to play and enjoying freedom to play without a routine.

Children are the most amazing little people. Their brains are like sponges and absorb everything they see and do. They love unconditionally and all they expect in return is someone to listen to them and love them back.

I feel quite honoured when a family decide to leave their child in my care as it means that they have feel secure enough to entrust their children to me.



Chris A

Ayr Educator


Since 2013


Diploma Children's Services


When you see a smiling face

Their happiness all over the place

Singing, laughing, cries of glee

Come they say, play with me

The slide, the swing, the monkey bars.

Look at them close to see who they are.

Lots of races, Ready, Set, Go.

This is how the children grow.


If you watch them every day

You’ll see they learn as they play

They’ll do what they see, and say what they hear

You’re their teacher throughout the years

Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine

Imagination is a glimpse of their mind

When you’re not looking, don’t you know

This is when the children grow


Watch them as they learn to walk

Listen to them when they talk

Keep them safe, away from harm

Wrap them gently within your arms

Teach them to share and how to take turns

Set good examples from which they will learn

At home, at school, wherever they go

This is where the children grow.