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Whitsunday Educator

Naturally Kids FDC

Since 2020


Advanced Diploma Children's Services


I believe that the first 5 years of a child’s life have the potential to shape his/her
learning and their journey through the rest of their life.

I strive to provide the children in my care with a positive, healthy and happy role model. I hope to be someone they can trust and who enables them to feel safe and happy in my care. I encourage and support children to be the best they can be.

I believe in building self-esteem and self-worth in the early years and know the benefits of teaching children to identify and regulate their emotions, develop respect for others and themselves and an admiration for the small joys in life.
I have a passion for health and wellness and this will reflect in my program and the
experiences I will provide.

I believe that children need to be provided with the opportunity to learn as much as they can about their body and how to look after it from an early age, including how what they eat and their habits can influence how they feel.

I believe in enhancing children’s well-being by appreciating our beautiful world; research shows that children thrive in a natural and nurturing environment.

I hope to instill a love of learning and curiosity about the world around us by exploring other cultures, countries and animals through play and exploration.
Above all I believe in allowing kids to be… Naturally Kids.