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Cannonvale Educator


Since 2018


Diploma Early Childhood Education and Care



Sharon’s Little Explorers


I believe children should be children, they should be laughing, playing, having fun and being at one with nature.  When they are comfortably doing this, they can be confident, competent and capable learners.  In providing a safe, happy and fun learning environment for these individuals, I aim to nurture and support the children so they can develop their self-confidence and feel valued, so they develop a sense of belonging, respect for each other and the environment and so they can reach their full potential.

I see all children as individuals and believe they should be treated accordingly.  We all have different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities and I aim to connect, include and embrace all these differences to make everyone feel secure and welcome at “Sharon’s Little Explorers”.  I believe that respect, communication and parental involvement is very important to a child’s learning.

I will protect children and their rights.  They have a right to be heard and in such I will let their voices be heard in decision making.  I will also advocate their rights with regard to freedom from violence, abuse and neglect and so I will make their learning environment a safe one and I will try to prevent children from being at harm.

In my programming, I will be using skills, interests and family input.  It will be fully inclusive and will reflect developmental needs of groups and individuals.  This program will be promoting learning through play, making the most of our resources both natural and manmade.  In turn, I will also promote taking and sharing responsibility for these natural and built up surroundings.

As a Family Daycare educator, I take my position seriously and am passionate about what I do.  I will remain fun, fair, welcoming, nurturing and patient and will follow and abide by any policies, procedures and safety measures in place.  With regards to further developing my learning, I will continue to participate in professional and personal development sessions to ensure I am up to date with any new changes.