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Bucasia Educator

I thrive on respecting and accepting all people regardless of race, gender, cultural beliefs and social status. I recognise that children are individuals and strive at all times to work alongside each child in developing an environment that brings out each child’s uniqueness.

My program takes into account that all children need the feeling of belonging, that they are constantly being by living in the now and that they are at all times aware of what they are becoming. My curriculum involves reaching out and learning about our community, giving the children in my care a sense of not only who they are but who their neighbours are and how they contribute. My children and I have a common goal to actively drive our program at all times with confidence and effective communication.

I encourage all the children to be responsible for their own health, safety and wellbeing and to make good examples for everyone else. Children in my care are lead to make their own choices regarding inside and outside activities and are encouraged to extend and use teachable moments. From the early ages children in my care are encouraged to help themselves to food, to apply sunscreen, wash hands along with many other self help skills. I believe children develop a strong sense of wellbeing when being successful with everyday skills.

I am committed to working alongside each family that walks through my doors by encouraging and supporting groups in the community to work with me to benefit the transition process from our home to the kindy or school system, while always focusing on using open and honest communication.