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Natasha P

Bowen Educator


Since 2014


Certificate 111 Children's Services


I believe each child is an individual and learns in his or her own unique way. Educators should work together with families in order to achieve the best environment for each child. 

My purpose is to create an environment in which children feel welcomed, safe, respected and free to create, imagine and discover.  I believe we as educators can help children through their development by creating an environment that inspires them to learn at a pace which is comfortable, yet challenging.

I believe that play-based learning is the vital key to developing the child’s wellbeing and builds their confidence to discover the world at their own pace.  Play is a child’s work.  It is the young child’s way of reaching out to learn about the world around them. With a variety of materials, children are encouraged to work out individual ideas and foster their creativity.

I encourage families to share their traditions whenever possible. My goal is to integrate different cultures and help children gain understanding and acceptance, develop love and respect for themselves, others and all things. I believe it is important for children to be connected with their family culture and for us as adults to maintain a connection between home and child care when possible.

I believe play should emphasize child led learning over adult led learning. Rather than detailing specific lessons for children I will endeavor to have a flexible routine and program to the needs of the child. I believe it is crucial to give every child tender, loving care and make each daily routine a learning experience.