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Emma H

Bowen Educator


Since 2011


Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Education and Care


Currently studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care


I believe that I will offer high quality child care that gives children many varieties of activities and experiences within a safe and nurturing environment. Each individual child?s needs will be met, not only physically but emotionally. I will allow children to be involved in all decision making, guiding them to make the right decisions.


Within my home I encourage healthy play and development, not only through safe play, but nutrition and hygiene. Nutritious food and healthy choices is what I believe makes children able to grow, learn and develop properly not only as a child but all through life. Creating an extensive understanding of good hygiene as children will enable the child to have this as a life style and skill. This will be shown by instructions clearly shown near the hand basin where the children will wash their hands before & after eating, playing and using the bathroom.

I believe in positive behaviour management, I praise a child after they accomplish something or make a ?right? decision, and show a minor reaction to a ?bad? choice. Growing up within a large family, extended family and foster children, I believe I have extensive experience and knowledge with children. This allows me to know the importance of equality between children. All children need to be treated the same regardless of their individual circumstances. Every child should be able to come into my care feeling happy, safe and secure.

Creating a sense of security comes from having a routine. I will follow my routine that I set, but will allow it to be flexible for unforeseen circumstances.


Bowen Educator


Since 1992


Certificate 111 Children's Services


Along with my husband Steven and son Anthony, we live on the outskirts of Bowen on acreage.

Children in my care enjoy the activities set out for them and take great pleasure in completing arts and crafts for them to later take home to show their parents and other family members. All such activities are well supervised and if the need arises, help is given to enable the children to complete their 'masterpiece'.

Having cattle, and other livestock, for example deer and buffalo. adds a whole new dimension to children's experiences in my care.

I believe trustworthiness, honesty and safety give parents peace of mind that their child/ren are in a safe environment to grow and develop to their full potential.