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Blackall Educator


Since 2012


Certificate 111, currently Studying Diploma Children's Services


First thing I believe is that a child needs to feel safe and secure in the child care environment in which they will be attending and that they will be encouraged to be themselves, valued and heard.

I see each child as an individual with individual needs, abilities, interests, culture and backgrounds, and I will endeavour to meet those needs for their overall development with the physical, emotional, intellectual and social self.

I believe it is important to provide children with a wide range of activities where they are actively involved and also have the freedom of choice and decision making in their own play.

And that communication between the parents and I is essential. I would like to have an open-ness to welcome them into my home to feel free to ask, talk and bring up any concerns regarding their child.




Augathella Educator 


Since 2019  


Certificate 111 Children's Services