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Blackall Educator


Since 2012


Certificate 111, currently Studying Diploma Children's Services


First thing I believe is that a child needs to feel safe and secure in the child care environment in which they will be attending and that they will be encouraged to be themselves, valued and heard.

I see each child as an individual with individual needs, abilities, interests, culture and backgrounds, and I will endeavour to meet those needs for their overall development with the physical, emotional, intellectual and social self.

I believe it is important to provide children with a wide range of activities where they are actively involved and also have the freedom of choice and decision making in their own play.

And that communication between the parents and I is essential. I would like to have an open-ness to welcome them into my home to feel free to ask, talk and bring up any concerns regarding their child.




Collinsville Educator 


Since     2016  


Diploma Children's Services


I believe in providing a nurturing, loving, caring and safe environment that is welcoming, warm and friendly, is inclusive of all cultures, nationalities and family situations. An environment where children & their parents feels safe and secure, they feel respected and comfortable to speak with me.

I believe a program needs to be implemented that is educational and the environment needs to reflect both individual and group needs, where children can learn and develop by exploring their world through challenging play. I believe that all children need a sense of belonging by creating an environment where they can build connections with myself, our community and our natural environment. I believe parents should be involved in the curriculum and are invited to share any talents they may have, or ideas to implement into the program.

I believe as an adult we model and teach children what is good to do and what is not good to do. My goal is to teach children self discipline to have an understanding of consequences of their behaviour to redirect their behaviour. For the children to have a clear understanding of what behaviour is expected, and for me to provide a safe, warm and happy environment where behaviour management is consistent. I believe in providing a healthy and hygienic environment. This is very important for the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases.