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Bowen Educator


Since 2009


Certificate 111 Children's Service


I believe strongly in reading to children. This is something that will be practiced daily at nap times and quiet times.

While children are in my care. I will provide a safe, happy, fun and comfortable home for visiting children. I also believe in strong encouragement to help children play to their strengths and develop skills in the arts, teamwork as well as individuality, sport and outside activities.

I have a dog and cat and will be regularly involving them in daily activities to help children to learn the importance of being gentle, caring for and learning how to respect animals and the other children in care.


Bowen Educator


Since 1992


Certificate 111 Children's Services


Along with my husband Steven and son Anthony, we live on the outskirts of Bowen on acreage.

Children in my care enjoy the activities set out for them and take great pleasure in completing arts and crafts for them to later take home to show their parents and other family members. All such activities are well supervised and if the need arises, help is given to enable the children to complete their 'masterpiece'.

Having cattle, and other livestock, for example deer and buffalo. adds a whole new dimension to children's experiences in my care.

I believe trustworthiness, honesty and safety give parents peace of mind that their child/ren are in a safe environment to grow and develop to their full potential.