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Bowen Educator




Certificate 111 Children's Services


I believe every child and family are different and unique in every kind of way. Children need a great role model in life to develop an understanding, respect for self and others. I, being a mother of one child, strive to the best of my abilities to teach, love, care and support my child so he can grow up with knowledge and confidence that he needs in life.

I therefore would like to pass my knowledge onto other children to give them the confidence they need. I believe children need a good night’s sleep and a well balanced, nutritional diet in their life so they have the energy they need to do everyday activities. I understand children get sick a lot which there is nothing you can do about it! Therefore I like teaching hygiene practices to stop the spread of germs.

I believe every child’s development and individual needs are different, some learn and grow quicker than others and at different paces.

My home is friendly, warm, welcoming and comforting for children and their families. I have normal household rules that apply to my son, so to be fair they will be the same for my family day care children.

Chris N

Bowen Educator


Since 2003

Cert 111 Children's Services


My Family Day Care Environment offers parents a safe loving home environment where all children are treated as equals, with dignity and respect. I offer to care for the children with love and affection and to stimulate their growth and development with supervised activities, reading and organized fun time, to meet their individual needs to help them to learn good hygiene, health and nutritional eating habits.


I believe all children need a good playing environment, where they can mix and socialize with other children, also television and movies supervised, an introduction to animals and their care and be comfortable with routines, regular activities so they know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour.