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Amanda                                                       Amanda AYR

Ayr Educator


Since 2015


Studying Certificate 111 Children's Services, curently on leave.


As a parent, and child care educator, I know the anxiety that comes with leaving your child/ren in someone else?s care and trusting them to provide the care you know your child deserves.

My primary goal of my child care program is to provide a safe, family-like environment for your child/ren while you are at work.

I feel a child?s work is play. All activities are intended as an opportunity for building social skills, interacting between children and practicing self-skills in a family-like environment.

My philosophy is that children learn about themselves and their environment through their surroundings as well as interactions with others. Children of all ages in my Child Care will be given opportunities to learn through their experiences and the activities I plan will be tailored to meet their interests and abilities, as well as being age appropriate to the children in my care.

Therese W                                                          Therese AYR

Ayr Educator


Since 2015


Certificate 111 Children's Services


I have been in Family Day Care since 2002.

I believe children learn through play and hands on experience. Children should do activities that interest them, that are fun in a secure environment.

All children are unique and all have different needs. I will set up activities that promote cognitive, social, fundamental and physical skills that will develop positive self-esteem and confidence.

I believe children need freedom to learn, they need encouragement from peers and caregivers.

So as a child care worker, I will acknowledge children?s efforts & help them reach the next stage of their development.

Children?s interests need to be opened up and explored.

I know families are a very important part of children?s lives and I know how stressful it can be leaving your little ones so I welcome all families to communicate with me and discuss any issue you may have at all times.

I will endeavour to make sure all children in my care have their needs met, and feel safe in our family?s home environment.

I will give every child the care, love and respect they deserve